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Frequently Asked Questions ..

What about my pets?

We love pets! When our employees are hired it is a requirement that they love pets. We will treat your pets like our own. We just ask that any aggressive pets be put into a holding area while our cleaner is in the home. Sorry, we are not insured to let your pets outside or take care of pets in anyway!

How many cleaners will be sent to my home?

Typically we will send two or three cleaners for your first initial deep cleaning.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly/ Monthly cleanings we typically send out two cleaners also.

Do I have to be home during my services?

No. In fact, our customers understand and know the great lengths we go through in our hiring process and are very comfortable with not being home for the cleanings. Most of our clients give us a garage code or hide a key (you name it, we have done it) to gain access to their home.  However, if you feel more comfortable being home during the cleaning, we enjoy the company!

When do I pay for my cleaning services?

The cleaner will accept the payment for your cleaning services once the job is completed. We will provide you with a invoice and we accept checks or cash.

What if I find a problem with the service?

Although this would be unusual and we do not anticipate any problems with your cleaning, (actual, we believe you will be thrilled) we are humans and something may be over-looked and/or missed. If this happens, DO NOT WORRY! Two Chicks & a Broomstick offers a 100% Satisfaction Promise for any and all cleaning visits. If you feel something is not 100%, simply let us know within 24 hours and a manager will return to your home and personally address the problem.

Can I have my outdoor area cleaned?

Our cleaners are trained to clean only the inside of the home. However, we can sweep outside areas such as screened in porches and wipe down patio furniture. Our customers must supply us with cleaning cloths and brooms used for outdoor area cleaning. Our equipment is strictly for indoor use only. Sorry, we are unable to do any washing of decks or other outside areas.

Should I leave a tip?

Tipping is always so greatly appreciated, but never expected. Tipping amount is completely at your discretion 10%-15% of the cleaning fee is typical. We understand cleaning is a luxury. If you can’t tip but want to do something for the cleaner, they love bottles of water, snacks, etc. If you can give a  good word-of-mouth "shout out" to a neighbor, family member or friend who may appreciate a quote that would be more than appreciated.

Is it okay to leave instructions on a note?

Yes, no problem! Good communication is a great way to keep us up to speed on your needs while keeping a good working relationship. We appreciate any feedback that will help us help you - please let us know.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, you must cancel your cleaning 24 hours prior to your cleaning date and time! 

Service reliability is extremely important especially for small businesses! We will turn down business to not disrupt your regular scheduled cleaning or your deep/ move in/out cleanings. Please show the same respect to us. We request that you give us a minimum of  hours advance notice, IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. Our business number, 919/518-3245, is available at all times! Failure to provide adequate notice will result in 75% cancellation fee of the quote you received/ or the regular payment you typically make. This fee is necessary to cover the cost of our employees in case we get a last minute cancellation our employees still need to get paid on our end for that time that was scheduled!

Do I have to supply any cleaning products for the cleaner?

No, our cleaners come prepared with all cleaning supplies! If you have a specific preference with using a specific brand of your own, please supply this to our cleaners at the time of your service.

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